How do you know my country?

Your IP address is allocated to your Internet Service Provider by an organisation called IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). They also keep records of where your ISP operates. This information is what we display above including your country, city and region.

Can I connect from a different country?

You can appear to connect from a different country, yes. Of course your physical Internet connection will still be in your country of residence. This works by using a proxy or VPN between your home computer or router to an endpoint in a different country - the VPN would be encrypted and anyone you connect to will not know your true country of origin.

Why do companies use my country location?

Almost every website tracks visitors by country and/or city of origin, if only for interesting statistics. More advanced websites might tailor content for your country - such as changing timezones and currencies, or swapping to a translated version of content, so you have a better web experience.

Streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer actively block visitors from certain countries, or restrict access to content based on your country.

Why is my city wrong?

We show your city as defined by your ISP's records with IANA regarding your IP address. As IP addresses are often dynamic (they are re-assigned frequently to different ISP customers), the city is often inaccurate.

Ad companies like Google maintain much more accurate records of IP address allocations, even across dynamic IP addresses, and can track you across multiple devices and IP addresses simultaneously.