Founded in 2016, Server Comparator is a destination for finding your new home online. Compare trusted Internet service providers who meet your high expectations and deliver great value.

Our Company

The Internet is a confusing place with so many competing services, marketing buzzwords and catchprases! When our founder was looking for a VPN he realised there's an opportunity. Thus ServerComparator was founded in the UK with help from our team of freelance researchers and writers with the goal to grow rapidly into other server/hosting niches.

We know it takes hard work and integrity to achieve our goal and deliver a great service to you. That's why we wrote this mission statement - to guide us each step of the way.

Core Values

Respect customers

We treat customers as the glorious intelligent human beings you are. We don't bury valuable content in ads or popups, we don't obscure facts or hide things from you "in case they're a bit complicated".

Provide value

Our service comparisons must be genuine and based on thorough research, using performance and metrics to rank, giving users valuable insight into their chosen topic. We don't list services based on commission or payments.

Respect privacy

We treat customer information with respect, collect and use the minimal amount required to provide an excellent service, and avoid invasive tracking or deep traffic analysis.

Build relationships

Our business partners and suppliers rely on us to relay trustworthy information and reflect their true value within our service and match the right service to the right customer.

If you think we're doing well, or if there's something we can do better to align our business with our values, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you for choosing ServerComparator ♥


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