Reach shoppers ready to buy your service. Campaigns are low cost and highly effective, generating more sales and brand exposure for you combined with a good experience for our users.

We display a single, relevant advert on each page. Your campaign will take up residency on one or more pages and remain in that slot for best possible brand awareness.

Example campaign placement on the web page

Campaigns are relevant, tracking is unintrusive, and our bespoke advertising platform is lean and mean. This helps us curate a great user experience, protect user privacy and work under the radar of ad-block plugins.

Right now we are booking campaigns for VPN services, VPN routers/appliances, or other strictly VPN-related activities.


As a startup our traffic figures are low but visitors are extremely relevant and ready to make a purchase. Pricing reflects value as we promote the brand and build further awareness, and is subject to change in December 2016.

  • $30pcm for the first page
  • $20pcm for each page thereafter

Rates are payable monthly in advance via Paypal. Unfortunately we're not able to provide artwork services, only publication of your provided media (see ad guidelines on this page).

Tenancy is only available on pages displaying the "Your Ad Here" box. Availability is extremely limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Book a campaign

Please contact me directly using the form below. We can discuss your requirements and options to get your campaign running quickly and smoothly.

Advertising on a comparison page will not affect your ranking. Result positions are driven purely by feature algorithms.

Ad guidelines

To improve campaign ROI, maintain brand value and keep a relevant user experience, please consider these ad guidelines;

  • Currently accepting campaigns in the VPN sector only
  • Silent animation or silent video is acceptable
  • The space is 180x150 but we ask for 360x300 artwork for high-resolution screens
  • We can display SVG, JPG, PNG or silent WebM but not Adobe Flash, HTML, Javascript, etc